Using media and the arts to call a generation to Christ. #TasteAndSee
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    Wrapping up the #LIONHEART series this Fall. Review Prov 28:1 & send art/article entries to info by OCT 5th - let’s go! #CallForSubmissions #InButNotOf #116 (at SALTYMAG.TV)

    Morning saltshakers, make it a SALTY one. #InButNotOf #HappySaturday (at SALTYMAG.TV)

    YES! Read the current issue free at SALTYMAG.TV - For creative & doers that are #InButNotOf. #ArtForTruth #TGIF #116 (at SALTYMAG.TV)

    Infiltrate, shape culture, & support art transporting truth - THIS is what we do saltshakers, let’s go! #InButNotOf #116 #Anomaly #UndergroundRailroad @Lecrae @ReachRecords (at iTunes, Google Play, Everywhere!)

    Last week’s pop up shop in #AbbotKinney with @h8sin70x7, @thegreatngifted & others. Be sure to check out the new products on their websites! #artimpactingculture #streetwear #inbutnotof (at

    Remember, the deal was #AllorNone.. morning saltshakers! Check out one of our faves to follow: @md_arts #BoughtWithAPrice #ArtForTruth (at He Wants It All.)

    Saltshakers, the @UncleReece #GetBold Tour is coming to FL! Jax, Daytona & Ft.Laud. Tickets on sale @ #unclereecegetboldjax

    Morning salty ones, #TGIF! Some meaty @wordsbyezekiel: “It’s no surprise that the Satan who hates the Creator also hates his creation, especially those made in His image. So much so that he’s allowed that sentiment contaminate our own perceptions of #beauty. The world’s definition of flawless usually involves somehow distorting your original #identity. Ladies, God doesn’t make mistakes, and He didn’t start with you. Many times the very “flaws” you struggle and strive to nip, tuck, cover, change and remove are intentional designs of God purposed to make you unique; the very characteristic you share with God = THERE IS NO ONE LIKE YOU. This is NOT to say don’t keep yourself up (please DO). However, those “Flaws” don’t make you LESS. They make you, YOU and that’s #beautiful, nothing you take away or add can “make up” for that.” (at Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Creator)

    "just as christ was a super star, you stupid star, they’ll hail you then nail you no matter who you are" via @yolarryd #artfortruth

    Hey! The world called & wants to know whose side will you be on today??? #StopDefendingYourSin #ChooseLife #TheIdentityIssue #TBT (at SALTYMAG.TV)

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